About Us

Websites, Branding and Digital Marketing for Service Firms

Kompanion Digital is a full service digital agency, which means we offer almost the full range of typical services you would need to start, run and grow your online presence.

While we love all our services just the same, web design and digital marketing projects are our favourites. The way a fresh, high performing website can really bring confidence (and clients) to our clients is what drives us.

Why focus on Professional Services?

With a background in professional services ourselves, it’s where we feel at home. But what’s more, if you’re a service professional you likely understand why we specialise in such a narrow area. Focusing on clients just like you means that we can bring the best of our best practices, experiment results, performance data, industry experience, and tested resources to each of our clients. It is the difference between being an agency that ‘can work it out for you’ and one that has been there before.

We understand your time is limited, so we provide hassle-free services

For service professionals, time is often their most premium asset. We understand, so that’s why we’ve developed our processes to be as streamlined and effective as possible, to really maximise your results for the minimum of effort.

How you can get started

Contact us for a free consultation for help with: