As businesses grow, bottlenecks can appear in existing processes that can end up frustrating both teams and firm owners. For some, best practices can only take you so far, as the amount of data entry and manual handling of tasks can significantly build up as the complexity of your practice increases.

I can help professional service clients such as lawyers, accountants, business consultants and health professionals leverage business automation with digital tools such as HubSpot and GSuite.

What is digital automation?

Digital automation is the use of online tools that automate steps in a workflow. The scope of workflows that can be automated tend to be routine tasks, with some variable for light customisation.

Not enough practice managers are utilising their tools to minimise the amount of time the fee-earning staff spend on admin tasks.

Automation can help with:

  • Removing data entry by integrating forms and contact points with database
  • Providing centralised information about a client or prospect
  • Automate routine tasks, such as monthly reports
  • Automating communication, such as project updates and tasks completed
  • Leveraging technology to collect client data, such as files and documents
  • Removing friction in the consultation process
  • Automatically requesting reviews
  • Creating workflows of client contact, such as a new client welcome, which run with the press of a button

With proper leveraging of tools (new and existing), a single initiative can save a fee earner multiple hours of non-fee earning tasks per month.

How does it work?

Automation projects usually follow the same general procedure:

  1. Discovery and mutual agreement on your requirements, objectives and key results
  2. Research and planning, considering the availability of tools and your internal resources
  3. Plan review and acceptance, together with you and or your team
  4. Development and implementation
  5. Quality and stress testing
  6. Completion and optional ongoing maintenance

Contact me to request help with properly leverage your digital tools to reduce your and the team’s workloads.