Digital Marketing

For many professional service providers, digital marketing channels have become the main source of business after referrals and repeat businesses. Channels like Google Search have come to replace staples such as paper business directories, impacting many businesses who have traditionally relied on them.

How is digital marketing different?

Pure digital marketing tactics have many advantages to ‘traditional’ marketing tactics. Digital channels are often stronger at generating leads, targeting specialised and niche audiences, and providing measurable feedback.

On the other hand, current research by the IPA in the United Kingdom suggests that digital channels are not as strong as traditional channels for brand building, which helps your audience develop emotional and conceptual preferences for your brand.

How our services can help

We can provide digital marketing services to cover a range of channels and requirements. See our list below.

  • Google Search Optimisation, to help you rank higher and gain traffic in Google searches.
  • Google Ads, to help you get instant traffic from Google searches from advertising.
  • Email marketing, to drive repeat business.
  • Content creation, to develop more favourable brand perceptions of your business and ammunition of your other marketing efforts.
  • Website Analytics, to be help you better understand your visitors, behaviours and website performance.
  • PPC advertising, using paid online networks to remind audiences of your business and spur follow up actions.

We are focused on businesses like yours

There are general practitioners and specialists in every professional discipline. We’ve made the conscious choice to focus on businesses like yours so that every client benefits from the combined experience of working with professional service providers.

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