Graphic Design Services

Does reaching for your business card make you blush? Your brand is the face of your business, make sure it is creating a professional impact.

Our services:

  • Logo design, to create distinctive, effective marks that put your brand’s best foot forward.
  • Brand identity design, to flesh out the style of your brand across your essential marketing materials and platforms.
  • Business cards, providing essential contact information to prospects and clients.
  • Stationery, for professional official correspondence.

Make your brand distinctive with a professional logo.

Your logo is the core of your brand. Develop your brand beyond simply a decorative mark and into a symbol that both distinguishes you from the competition while reinforcing the value, positioning and spirit of your organisation.

Letterheads and business cards.

Despite the prevalence of apps and social networks, the classic business card and letterhead is still your best opportunity to leave essential contact information with your prospects and clients.

We provide an easy design process for the non-design savvy.

Encapsulating an envisioned look and feel of your brand in words can be difficult, even for experienced graphic designers. But that is no failure of your vision. Our designed process is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to communicate your tastes, vision, style and values through:

  • Research and discovery of similar graphic styles.
  • Multiple graphic concepts to help explore the boundaries and the ‘sweet spot’ of your design.
  • Two rounds of feedback, or more, for branding creation.

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