The Simple Guide to Website SEO

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of improving your site so that it ranks higher in search engines for particular searches known as keywords (which can be more than one word, generally known as a query).

When it comes to ranking a site, there are over 200 different factors in determining your ranking. Broadly, they can be grouped into three areas:

Technical optimisations

These are your site’s technical attributes. Examples include your site structure, loading speed, code validation and mobile-readiness.

On-page optimisations

These factors are primarily focused on whether or not your page/s have enough quality content around keywords. For example, does your webpage adequately describe the topic you are targeting such that visitors get the information they need? Have you properly labeled your headings, images, etc?

Off-page optimisations

This area of SEO focuses on factors not on your website. The most famous of these factors is the number and quality of links pointing to pages on your site. But this can also include mentions of your business name and social shares.


Something that should be understood for SEO is that it is a competition, in nature.

Your list of desired keywords may already be targeted and provided for by your competition who are invested or have already invested heavily in ranking for those terms.

How should I approach SEO for my site?

Knowing that SEO is a competitive activity, the most fundamental SEO approach is around targeting the correct keywords.

While it may be obvious to target the most commonly used keywords that lead users to your site, you may in fact be better off targeting similar keywords that users would likely use to find your service which also have lower competition.

Other considerations include solidifying your presence for terms that you already rank well for to protect against competition and increase traffic even more.

How do I get help for SEO?

Getting help with SEO usually means engaging an SEO consultant or agencies. Typically, SEO work can be divided into three services.

First is the website audit. This checks every nook and cranny of your website to look for errors, problems and opportunities to improve your results in the three main areas (technical, on-page, off-page) from an SEO perspective.

Second is your keyword strategy. This is created by looking at your user’s potential searches, volume and competition when compared to your competitors. This also includes researching areas where your competitors are weak that may present opportunities for your business to fill the gap (before they do).

Finally, SEO agencies will offer to help you with optimising your site on a month-to-month basis. These services usually include a mix of making technical fixes, creating content and improving pages, and building links or social signals for your website.

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